Don Nowell Design has four styles of M/C Frames for the 'Motorcycle Fine Art' Bikes. The first style M/C Frame is for the 30° softail. This M/C Frame has a 30° head and is lowered some. The second style is a 40° head and is lowered more by changing the shape of the swing arm. The third style M/C Frame is a ridged set-up for the EVO Engine. This M/C Frame has a 40° head. The 4th style M/C Frame is also a 40° head stock and set-up for a Knucklehead Engine that is used for Don's Knuckle Chopper. If needed, D.N.D. can change the head angle to what the buyer would like. The M/C Frame parts are machined on the milling machine in fixtures for a perfect fit in the welding fixture (parts are tack welded with a heli-arc in the fixture). After the M/C Frame is tacked, it is then finished using silver-solder to fill in the joints after which it is ready to be painted.