and how it came to be

          I enjoyed making the Wood Shop projects at San Fernando high school in 1959, also in Electric Shop i made a motor that won an award for the best of all classes from the S.F. Rotery Club and learned that you can be rewarded for creating nice work in your life. After school i started down the parralell roads of working with and admiring both metals and fancy woods. Since i was a carpenter for making my dollers and starting to do a little street racing with my 57' bel-air and hanging at Bob's in Van Nuys in 1960 .My learning about metals started in 62 as i was building a 37' chevy coupe for Drag Racing in the B / Gas class . So by building the engine- alum. firewall - floorboards - roll bar etc it was a steep learning curve as their was not any how to books back then . Raced the Gasser for 4 yrs 64-68 then in 69 i started my own engine shop building racing engines for customers for 16 yrs.Along the way i had some projects that i learned alot from like building a 8 carb side draft manifold with steel tubing and a dirt bike frame for a honda 4 valve single out of .049 4130 chrome- moly tubing that came out 220 lbs ready to roll all the time amassing knowledge about working with all types of metals that would be put to good use one day.Along with Bending-different types of forming - machining and custom finishing using polishing - anodizing- chrome and nickel plating i was ready to start building some neat stuff just not sure what to do. In 80 i started designing and  building the prototype toy trucks for Smith-Miller Toy Truck Co.about 20 in all that led to a greater knowledge about metals with using precision bending - metal spinning - metal stamping and alot of good old hand work things were about ready to pop for me. In 94 i started my own high end collectable 1/4 scale 'Motorcycle Fine Art' bikes that was a stepping stone to my next project.With the bikes i learned more about castings - and n.c. machining all the time thinking about how i could use my skills and knowledge of working with metals for about  45 yrs. In 06 i started making a few drawings of what i wanted to create after deciding on three different series of art works and drew all the blueprints for my projects that  will be called 'Engineered Art' and in Dec. started having parts n.c. machined. The 1st one is called Air Stack with 1/8 inch thick metal blades spaced apart one inch being 16 in. wide and  horazontal to 30 in high and vertical the other end, the Air Stacks will be fininshed in colors of the rainbow trimed with Gold or Chrome with a little black Granite also. The 2 nd  series will be using the exotic woods i have found with plated metals that are called the Glow series as in candy- natural etc. The 3 rd is a very trick high tech Kaleidoscope due out later in 07. So as i start my 66 year on this big old rock we are all floating around on , I'am looking forward to getting into the art world by introducing my ' Engineered Art ' work that be in a class of its own.
Sincerely Don Nowell