Don Nowell Design specializes in creating new products for clients looking for a one-stop shop. By working from a sketch or idea, Don can build a prototype model, draw blueprints, and offer a first article for show and tell. Don opened the doors in 1969 building racing engines and making products on the side.
In 1980 he met Fred Thompson who had just bought the Smith-Miller toy truck name and inventory, and started to build toy trucks again. He wanted to have a low-boy trailer so that was the first of a run of 20 toy trucks that has lasted twenty years.
Don designed a new look for Proma Dental Co. in 1987 that would serve them into the new millennium and built vacuum formed plastic models to show at trade shows. Back at their factory, he was able to cut working time by building testing and assembling fixtures so the Proma workers could be more efficient and turn out a better product.
By now Don had changed his work to design only and retired from racing engines. He also built several testing fixtures for Via-Dent Dental Co.
Don has quite a varied background working with castings, stampings, metal spinnings, CNC machining, precision sheet metal, etc. He can help a client come up with the proper type of manufacturing for a given product. Don is also available for consulting on new products if needed. For a personal talk with Don, call 818/363-8564 ,10:00 a.m., - 6:00 p.m. West Coast Time.