Don Nowell builds two styles of belt drives for his 'Motorcycle Fine Art' bikes. His Knuckle Chopper Belt Drive turns over the running engine by turning the rear pulley on the belt drive with your thumb and index finger. The front pulley has a lock-up roller bearing that turns the crandshaft. The EVO belt drive is static and is non turning. Don buys toothed pulley stock and machines the pulley centers on the lathe, then he machines the inner and outer flanges out of the 7075 T-6 Aluminum. The parts then go to the milling machine for all the 2-56 tapped holes and through holes for bolting the parts together to build the finished belt drives. The outer parts are polished on the completed belt drives. For more information on the bikes or belt drives click on the DND web-site and see the bike gallery or call DON at (818) 363-1287.